Sunday, February 15, 2015


On Valentine's Day do you hope for flowers, chocolate and an evening of five star food?

Me neither. Valentine's Day is just another day. I don't expect anything, and I don't give anything. But I do know that any day that I get to spend with the boys in my life is a good day.

Which means that every day is Valentine's Day!

How do you spend Valentine's Day?

Monday, February 02, 2015


It's been a long time since we had a Lad Date. But it's been worth the wait! Christmas has been so good to us, my jeans are telling me so. But instead of being worried or upset, I can honestly say I've enjoyed every mouthful this summer.

We spent a few more weeks spent in Port Fairy - on the south west coast of Victoria, Australia - which always makes me a happy girl. We had family visit, and friends too. And this place was so good we went twice in less than a week.

I'm not sure if it's the fresh and crispy garlic and rosemary chips that melt in your mouth, the delicious burgers, the amazing friendly and fast service, the decent prices or the fantastic view, but it all seems to make the experience super delightful. And being vegetarian, you can't imagine my excitement when I saw they had a Shroom Burger (mushroom) on their cool menu which was melt in your mouth, two hands to hold, and finger licking good! I give all the credit to the juicy mushrooms, the garlic dressing and the caramelised onions! Even junior burgers for the kids, generous serves of fish and chips, and lovely fresh salad.

This is a place worth visiting again - unless, of course, you're off deep fried foods and carbs. Bugger it, you should go anyhow!

WE VISITED The Wharf Commons | 29 Gipps Street, Port Fairy Vic 3284

Do you have dates with your kids? If so, where do you go? Thanks for stopping by and having the best chips in Victoria with us!

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Saturday, January 31, 2015


PHOTO A DAY PROJECT | A personal project for an entire month taking one photo a day of my children.

Today is the last day of January 2015 when you are eight, your brother is five, your eldest sister celebrated her engagement, and you were spoilt by your big sister with a Wii for Christmas. It was the month where you mastered the art of surfing, ate ice cream, walked on the beach a LOT.

Today we enjoyed the last day of January with beautiful friends in the timbered county of Monbulk. There was a bonfire, an abundance of fruit crumble for dessert, a fruit orchard, and vegetable beds that went on forever. You were fascinated with the fire despite the smoke stinging your eyes. Hours were spent stoking the fire, burning sticks and grass, and being mesmerised by the hot, licking flames.

After a warm bath and a back rub, you murmured as you drifted off to sleep, that you could still smell the fire in your pajamas, and today was a day to remember.

I'm so glad, because I will never forget it either.

Friday, January 30, 2015


PHOTO A DAY PROJECT | A personal project for an entire month taking one photo a day of my children.

Every day we walk to school, the journey is treasured. A constant reminder of the Wonder Years, when life is simple and good. Two little uniformed boys running down the pathway to our street, giggling and laughing, squealing with delight. Yes, these simple joys make life truly worth loving.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


PHOTO A DAY PROJECT | A personal project for an entire month taking one photo a day of my children.

No more dress rehearsals (and we've had so many). You've been waiting for this day for weeks. Ready this morning at 7am. Backpack on since 7:30am ("I can't believe how heavy my backpack is!"). This is it. You are ready.

I can't say I'm so sure.